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How it works

I will meet with you look at the site and we discuss what you want and your time frame.    I will take measurements and photographs.  I will determine the square footage of  the area we will address.  The charge is $.50 per sq foot for a design.  Half to start and the rest when the design is approved.

This design informs us as to what needs to be done to prepare the site, construct the hardscape, irrigation, lighting and address drainage issues.  It also tells us which plants you want and how many are needed.  From this I can determine the cost of the installation. 



The Plants of the Ortega Highway 1 hr  If you want to know what plants will do best here in Southern California, look along the Ortega Highway.  One of our remaining wilderness areas gives us a great look at who is growing here with no human intervention.  If you have ever tried to penetrate our forest you will discover that though the plants get only our scarce rain water, the forest is teaming with plants.

The Fragrant Garden 1-2 hrs. 30 aromatic plants that thrive in Southern California

Design Basics 1-6 hrs.  How color, scale, repetition, texture, fragrance and balance work with good design principles to create a fabulous garden to enjoy.

HOAs and the Drought tolerant landscape 1 hr.  Why use draught tolerant plants. Show your members that with good design, proper plant selection and watering.  You can create beautiful landscaping that produces savings in labor, water and maintenance.

Edible Gardens 1hr- From fruit and veggies to herbs.  What to plant, when, how to use and how to care for your edible garden.

The Landscapers How to Guide to Draught tolerant gardens 2-3 hrs. – Identifying drought tolerant plants in the garden, adding new plants to work with an established garden, adjusting the watering regimen, mulching for fun, profit and weed control.

Year round color.   Just as the seasons change so does your garden.  Create a garden which evolves with the seasons.  You can't expect a plant to be in full bloom all year long they get tired too.  Discover which plants which thrive in our region and will create year round interest and color.

Containers – Container selection, design basics, siting, maintenance care and feeding.

Water Wise Gardens –  Yes you can have it all – a beautiful garden and low water bills.  With proper siting, plant selection and watering system you can build a garden for your neighbors to envy.

Habitat Gardening 1-2 hrs  How to share your yard with wildlife.  Which plants to humming birds need so they come and visit?  Which plants will draw in beautiful butterflies?  How do you make your gardens inviting to the creatures that share our world.



Containers – 4 hrs. Container selection, design basics, maintenance care and feeding.  Participants will create a beautiful pot to take home.  They will receive a handout listing surefire plants how to care for and maintain their containers $40/ materials fee. 

chitalpa blossomThe Edible Garden – 4 hrs.20 sure fire plants for the home gardener.  Participants will receive a handout listing the 20 sure fire edible plants for our area, including fruit, vegetables and herbs and how to site, plant and maintenance each edible plant.  We will plant a window sill herb garden in a container that they can take home. $40/materials fee.

The Fragrant Garden 4 hrs. – Participants will receive a handout of 30 fragrant plants which thrive in Southern California.  What plants are appropriate for containers, small gardens to large estates.  How to have fragrance year round.  We will plant a container with several aromatic plants which they can take home.  $40/materials fee.

Design Basics 4 hrs – Plant the right plant the 1st time.  We will learn how to determine what plants are right for a location.  Learn how light, water, soil and design elements will combine to create a spectacular garden display.  Participants will receive a handout with 30 sure fire plants for Southern California, how to plant, water and maintain those plants and how to determine if the plant they are considering works from a design standpoint.  How to have a great garden year round.  The handout will include Design basics of color, texture, scale, fragrance and repetition.