A Native Garden

Award Winning Design – 2011

We are happy to announce that we were recognized by Roger's Garden for our water conserving garden designed for the Flynn residence in Mission Viejo by awarding us 2011's Best Water Efficient Garden Design in their California Friendly Contest.

We would like to thank Mike and Denise for giving us the opportunity to transform their front yard from the usual expanse of lawn into a California Country Cottage Look.  The yard is now a haven for birds and butterflies.  Our design was built around using California native plants while also including a few fabulous favorite drought tolerant plants.  We used hydro-zoning techniques, drip emitters, an automated timer and deep forest mulch to sustain the plants.  Watering is done very early in the morning to ensure the minimum loss to evaporation.  They have had a consistent drop in their water usage over the last year averaging 25% per month with some months as much as 41% reduction from last year.  As proof of the pudding Mike tells me that his last water bill was $30.50 which supports the new front yard, a vegetable garden, rose garden, pool and slope.

Tree of Life Nursery also deserves credit for their commitment to growing truly outstanding examples of how beautiful our native plants are.  Because of them we were able to include in our design plants which are unique to their nursery including; Arctostaphylos Byrd Hill (Byrd Hill Manzanita), Penstemon superbus, Mimulus (sticky monkey), Abutiion palmeri, Galvezia, Ceanothus Louis Edmunds (wild lilac),Trichostema Lanatum Chrysactinia Mexicana, Lotus scoparius, epilobium and Tecoma Orange jubilee, to name just a few.  This is a true California Friendly Garden